1. Kottans philosophy

When we need text for articles, websites, etc. with clear description of what Kottans are, we all have slightly different view of what our community is and how it works. And such description raises even more questions. As an example, who are we? Just free courses? But we have not only courses. Maybe a platform? But what does it mean? Why free? Who can be part of community?

Because of this, we all use different wordings from time to time. We all live with this differences without a problem because we operate in the context of our community. But for someone who is outside of it, simple description which can be used for understanding of our ideas becomes mostly unreachable.

This Russian text, which threated as our internal document, can be used as source of ideas or concrete copy-pasting of text.

2. Kottans short descriptions

Texts, which was made using Kottans philosophy and can be used everywhere - websites of meatups, conferences, as description of Kottans, etc.