Dependency management

Where goes what?

Node dependencies -> npm

Front-end dependencies -> bower



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How to install

Ships with Node.js. If you have it, you have NPM.


How to use

NPM by default is using package.json file to list all your dependecies (both regular and development)

npm install my_module --save //-> adds it to dependencies into package.json
npm install my_module --save-dev // -> adds it to devDependencies

Some packages come with handy binaries you want to be used across your system from command line. Then you should use handy -g flag

npm install -g bower // -> sometimes needs sudo so be sure to
                     //    check which npm and use path for binary

How to use on fresh project

After cloning/downloading project, be sure to run npm install and it will fetch all packages from dependencies & devDevelopment.

For dependencies only, use npm install --production


Apart from being package manager, npm can run some scripts, both as hooks and custom scripts


Arbitrary scripts can be run by doing npm run-script

    // package.json
    "scripts": {
      "debug": "node --debug server.js"
    // run from command line
    npm run-script debug

Mah npm can also build. Proof

npm link

Creates symbolic link to package, when ran in package folder. Can be 'attached'/consumed via npm link <pkg> in project folder. Similar to setting path in Gemfile.

npm init

npm set "sudodoki"
npm set ""
npm set ""

npm search

npm ls

npm view

npm view <pkg> version - view package version

npm update

npm update --save - updates according to listed in package.json. Use with version set to * in package.json to overwrite it with latest stable.


  • npm i ~ npm install
  • npm r ~ npm uninstall


Bump versions

npm version X.Y.Z - will commit tag for you (in case of git presence) and update package.json.



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How to install

    npm install -g bower

How to use

Bower by default uses bower.json && .bowerrc to manage dependencies & bower options. Sample

    bower instal jquery@1.10.2 --save



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